I did lots of stuff to get ready for tomorrow’s Pizza-Off, not the least of which was driving to Akron to make sure my favorite pizza is represented.



This will be a good one, boys and girls, and I’d say that even if I didn’t have Donatos waiting for me tomorrow afternoon. See y’all then.


  1. Words cannot express how excited I am for Donato’s tomorrow. Especially after a rugby game…. I do love me some pizza. 24x7x365. It’s an addiction. I know. I will be leaving the rugby stuff ASAP. Anticipating my ETA as 5:30-6pm. Yay!


  2. I wish we could make it to the pizza-off since it is my favorite thing in the world. If all goes well we should be up north but ya never know.


  3. you’re killing me with the photos…first Autumn, now Donatos pizza…Have a great time today/tonight/tomorrow early morning :)


  4. What a good time we had. I am sad to have missed most of the pizzas, but the samples we got were delicious. And I liked Hutch’s wee heavy, too, but it went straight to my head, so I only had one. Whew.

    DearDR wanted to adopt Abby on the spot and take her home. He thought she was a riot. I would introduce him to Twitter, but I like to spend time IRL with him, and one addicting thing like Twitter on the computer, and I will lose him altogether. Cable’s been bad enough!

    catch you again soon, I hope,


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