Another weekend, another successful food tweetup:

Kim's pizza, as shot by Abby.
Kim's pizza, as shot by Abby.

* I don’t have any idea about how many different kinds of pizza we were able to sample on Saturday, but I know there were a bunch of good ones. I got a couple pieces of my Donatos, and had a bunch of others, my favorite of which was a bacon pizza from Pizza Sola. I didn’t get to try Kim’s homemade goat cheese and yellow squash pizza — it went too quickly — and everyone seemed to like Mrs. Crappy’s  spinach-and-garlic pie — she won the first prize — the coveted pig-a-polt — and the aforementioned bacon pizza, contributed by Rob, was the runner up.


* Theme Number Two: Gwen and Shadow did a great job organizing our beer tasting, and we got to try some fabulous stuff. My personal favorite was Hutch’s wee heavy, made even better by the addition of oak chips soaked in Bushmill; the winner was a new one for me, Troegs’ just-released JavaHead Stout, brought to us directly from Harrisburg by DahCheet.


* Another happy beer note: Kim brought along a growler of East End’s Blackstrap Stout, my payoff for winning the crabcake battle at her place last winter. And as a bonus, she also brought a growler of their Big Hop with a nice surprise inside — the addition of three or four hop flowers. Scott just got a bunch in to get ready for his Big Hop Harvest; the cones are his way of teasing us just a bit while we wait. Thanks to Kim for bringing those along.


* Theme Number Three: Birthdays, for Rob, Jennie and Dave. There was cake. And cupcakes. And singing.

team mayhem

* Theme Number Four: Abby’s surprise game was our own version of the Family Feud, with, uh, me serving as your host. I lost my voice, and a few of the contestants — apparently sticklers for odd things like accuracy and a host who might actually know what he was doing — seemed to be a little bit grumpy about the answers. Team Jen(n) came out on top.


* Theme Number Five: It was a luau. I dressed appropriately.

* And then: We drank a bunch more, watched the Stillers dismantle the Bills, had a bump-fest in the kitchen (that’s not nearly as dirty as it sounds), climbed on the roof, tried to find a suitable replacement for Southern Tier’s Mokah (which is well past the end of its seasonal run) and, finally, introduced Miles to the group, a task that involves some Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom-like machinations on the part of Mrs. Crappy and me. Miles was not pleased by this.


* While cleaning up this morning, I noticed we had several bottles of some kind of Seagram’s Escape cooler things, with flavors like  Jamaica Me Happy. Our beer fridge is a little embarrassed right now.

* Mrs. Crappy and I, however, were very pleased with how everything went. We think Abby did a great of job organizing the whole deal. And we hope y’all had a good time as well.


  1. HAHA The wine coolers were my contribution via my sister. Sorry to your beer fridge. Have another event soon and I’ll come drink them. I promise I won’t have to flake out again and not be able to stay!


  2. Thank you guys for a great time. Jen, Chelle and I had a great time. As I get older. it’s a little harder recovering from starting to beer taste at four in the afternoon, and then having a dance off with the younger crew at the lounge after the tweet-up; hence the late comments. Thanks again to both of you for opening your home to us!


  3. Beth: I’m glad you were able to come, even if it was for just a little while. And don’t worry about the beer fridge — it needs to get over itself a little bit.

    BEVs: Great to see you guys again. And Hutch, I understand — 9 o’clock this morning was rough.


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