This is my slightly tardy response to the September PodCamp Pittsburgh Blog Blitz question — What Pittsburgh individual, business or organization is doing great things with social media?

Thanks, SickPuppy and Father Spoon.

Over this summer, a bunch of us have had the pleasure of getting to know Chris Dilla, the owner of Bocktown Beer and Grill in the Pointe at North Fayette. Most of the group has come to discover Bocktown through Chris’ Twitter account (@bocktowntapshot) and the pictures she provides through her Brightkite account as well.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Chris for nearly as long as she’s had her amazing restaurant and craft beer bar open. I’ve watched as she’s started a stream of monthly email updates for fans of the place. Like most of you, I’ve become a Facebook fan of the bar. I listened to the Should I Drink That episode featuring Bocktown as soon as it was available. And I’ve been so pleased to see her become more and more active on Twitter.

We’ve had a few discussions about her social media ventures. In many cases, it’s still new enough that it might be tough for some to determine a definite return on investment, but in Chris’ case, I think we’d all agree that it’s had an impact. She’s established a a great social media personality, engaging both her customers and those in the craft beer business. And she’s been extraordinarily generous, even offering a beer on the house to those who have tweeted with her.

Chris has told me several times that she feels like she still has lots to learn about the social media realm — and that’s why she’s planning on attending PodCamp. But given the dividends she — and we — are seeing already, I’d count her among the city’s best and brightest. If you haven’t already, make a trip out west to meet Chris and have a beer and dinner at Bocktown — you won’t be sorry you did.

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