* We always start as early as we can for the noon games. I call these the sprints.

* Week one is always breakfast. Mrs. Crappy and I came up with two breakfast casseroles, a basic strata with bacon — and extra bacon — and an eggless wonder with ham and cheese. The latter was made especially for Juan, who doesn’t do eggs, but I think it was my favorite of the two.

* We always forget something fairly significant the first week. This time, we forgot the damn vodka. No Bloody Marys until Fred and Ethel brought the backup. Painful.

* Pregame was pretty cool. Both teams came out in the band tunnel together, and the F-18 flyover was awesome.

* Navy played as advertised: goofy triple-option stuff that’s impossible to defend, and completely tenacious.

* Because of Navy’s unique offense, I’m not ready to draw conclusions about Ohio State’s defense. We’ll find out in a hurry this weekend.

* I wish our offense had been a little more consistent. The timing of Pryor’s passing is improved — he’s able to release while receivers are still in their patterns — but his accuracy isn’t what I’d like to see. The one interception was his fault — Sanzenbacher got his fingertips on the ball, but it was a mile over his head.

* The receivers we have? Holy crap. Cris Carter’s kid, Duron, caught everything. EVERYTHING. He’s going to make his daddy proud.

* The best catch of the day? Kurt Coleman’s interception, by a mile.

* Thank god for Brian Rolle.

* First game always means an appearance by the alumni band. And that always means this:

* Traffic after? Not bad at all.

* We already have some plans together for the SC tailgate. Ten hours, two meals and I don’t know how many gallons of beer. We’re professionals. Don’t try this at home.


  1. AAA: Quad Script is always so cool to see — a little overwhelming, actually — but I think I like the single Scripts we’ll see later in the year even more. The quad always comes at halftime, and it’s always during a game that isn’t especially tough (and that includes Saturday’s game). The ones we’ll see later in the year? They’re done during the pregame show, and especially as you get into October, the intensity makes a big difference. Now that I think about it, the one we’ll undoubtedly see before the SC game should be pretty impressive. I’ll try to tape another later this year — I’m going to be too busy screaming on Saturday — so we can compare.


  2. I’ll be with Little C next weekend, so unfortunately, OSU and the script Ohio, as much as I like it? Won’t even enter into my mind. Nor will anyone & anything else up here. :-) (unless someone goes missing.)


  3. AAA: I understand completely. Given that you’ll be in the midst of a short, busy trip I wouldn’t expect you to have much time for the game (broadcast nationally at 8 p.m. Eastern on ESPN ahem). And don’t worry about us, either — I’ll make sure everyone at our tailgate is upright and accounted for. Especially me.


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