Screw you, Brutus.
Screw you, Brutus.

It took us five hours to drive from our house to Columbus today.

I knew we would encounter traffic on the bridges and the Fort Pitt Tunnel; we left at 5 p.m., so that’s to be expected.

What we weren’t expecting? A single-lane construction zone along I-70 — with nearly no actual construction going on — almost all the way through West Virginia. It took us three hours — THREE HOURS — to get to the Ohio border.

West Virginia DOT: What genius thought this was a good idea on Labor Day weekend?

There will be no respite on Saturday, either. We got our first look at the construction on 315 — how many ramps are closed, lane restrictions, etc. — and started thinking about what a nightmare going home after the game will be. We don’t have to drive 315 to get to our tailgating spot, but an awful lot of people who usually do are going to be looking for alternatives tomorrow.

ODOT: What genius thought this was a good idea in Columbus during football season?


  1. All of those construction zones have been there for months… The slowdowns to a crawl are common right now.

    The I70 zones are thanks to the Stimulus package, mostly. Having traveled across Pennsylvania recently, you have your fair share as well on I80 and the Penna turnpike, all with similarly frustrating speeds.

    ODOT released statements waayyyy ahead of time notifying regular travelers of 315 that most of the downtown ramps would be under construction and / or closed for the football season and to find alternate routes.

    Having said all that… Welcome back! And GO BUCKEYES!


  2. Had a similar (but not as bad) situation in Meadville. I knew about the usual detour onto I-79, but there was major road repaving in progress on Saturday afternoon, knocking us all down a lane. Odd for a holiday.

    At least we’re not as bad as San Fransisco. Sounds like the Bay Bridge was closed since Thursday night, “stranding” people on the other side of the bay. Trying to squeeze it in before another earthquake. (All from Buzz Out Loud. so educational)


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