I mentioned a week ago that we had some trouble getting through West Virginia on the way to Columbus for the first football game of the season.

I didn’t think we’d run into the same problems on Friday, given that we were leaving five hours earlier — and I was wrong. But I managed to skip around the same construction zone by taking U.S. 40 from West Alexander until the old National Road met up with I-70 again just east of Wheeling.

Last week, we had no trouble getting home, but today, traffic was piling up on 70 just after we got off the Wheeling by-pass, so Mrs. Crappy skillfully exited at Triadelphia — and found that 40 was also not moving at all.

We were debating about doing a U-turn and taking our chances with the freeway when we came along a teeny road heading north. Mrs. Crappy asked if that would do us any good; I checked the map on my phone and found that, while it might not be the fastest way back, we could in fact get here from there:


And yeah, it turned out to be a fairly nice drive.





  1. I actually really enjoy taking some of the more scenic ways to Columbus (we’re always headed straight through and on to Indy). One of my favorites is the rather simple and boring Route 7, running through Steubenville. The only reason we like that route is that it’s a quick jaunt down 22 to Wintersville and to the original/real DiCarlo’s Pizza. I wouldn’t recommend looking around too closely at the place because, uh, EWWWW!, but the pizza is phenomenal. Totally different than Donato’s, but equally phenomenal.


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