I’m getting kind of fucking tired of moral victories.


  1. i actually posted this on the dispatch:
    “I think we have a good perspective of where football is in our whole scheme of things,” Tressel said before the season. “It’s our passion — it’s what we love to do — but it’s not who we are.” When you lose enough “big games” that quote sounds like a rationalization (at best) or an excuse for more “big game” loses to come. If football does not define who “you” are, than maybe your salary is out of whack and maybe it shouldn’t be a problem to let someone else run the offense. Or, maybe you should be a “life-coach” instead of a “football coach.”


  2. I couldn’t agree more, UC.

    Being a Cleveland sports fan, I know what it’s like to take these shots. First, you sense that it’s coming beacuse they opposition does something extraordinary, like convert 2nd and 19. Next comes the march down the field moving steadily toward the goal line. The clock winds down as the opposition moves into the red zone. You’re hoping for one big play, a sack, a pick, a tipped ball, that will turn the tide. But, deep down you know it’s not coming. And, then finally here it comes, that punch right in the stomach that takes your breath away. Touchdown. And, another big loss in a big game. Your gut hurts for hours even days. And no amount of moral victory proselytizing is going to make that pain go away.

    Coaches and teams are ranked by W’s and L’s. There’s no column for MV’s.

    Hell, my gut hurts again just thinking about it.


  3. Wait a minute- the Buckeye chip embedding in the back of your head must be malfunctioning – mine is working just like a chinch belt, just a little amount of pain – creating the desired affect.

    Let me explain – humility – or lack of it – that what really gets to me. The painful loss on Saturday has grounded me again, just as the team has done many times over the years.

    Case in point – US Open Tennis Semi finals – final shot – Federer and Djorkovic in long rally – Djorkovic lobs over Federer’s head, and he runs it down, trys the between the leg shot – and it is a winner that wins the match. When asked about if he practices this shot, he said yes, but he always misses – then jokingly said that since he made it in a match, it must have been the best shot he’s ever made. This comment is from one of the best tennis players – ever. You know what he didn’t exude was arrogance or cockyness.

    I get a strong sense of those 2 behaviors from USC – I’d like to see them get smacked around a couple times this year – give them a grounding, not pregame interviews that the quarterback couldn’t care less if he was playing either Northern California University Without Walls or Ohio State. I’d really like to see it come from the hands of Notre Dame – This might actually be good for Barkley – give him some grounding – so that he doesn’t pull a Scottie Pippen and throw a public tantrum and look like a complete ass.

    Okay – I feel better. Thanks


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