The NFL’s season is underway, and that means I’m once again immersed in far too many fantasy football leagues for a rational person to keep track of. Moreover, I’m already not doing so hot, in large part to an injury to one player in particular:


In terms of pro football stuff, I’m not a homer, at least not in the sense that I go out of my way to pick up Browns players. Because that would be stupid.

But I do look for former Buckeyes who can contribute, and this year, Gonzo was going to be the guy. With the departure of Marvin Harrison from Indy, he was moving up to the No. 2 receiver slot and, I thought, was set for a big year.

And then I recall hearing about his injury Sunday, while I was trying to nap on the way back home from Columbus.

In my Plurk league, I lost to Trannyhead by 14 points; I think Gonzo’s presence could have turned that into a win. I get BurghBaby in that league this week; she’s 1-0, but she could manage just 89 points on the first weekend — I had 102, the highest point total of any loser — so I think I’ll be in decent shape there.

In the YinzTeam league, the story was the same. I lost to Justin by around nine points — a healthy Gonzo probably would have made me a winner. Instead, I’m 0-1 and ready to get spanked by the Mean Gene Machine on Sunday.

I don’t have Gonzo in the Greater Bridgewater Area Press Association League. And it didn’t matter. We don’t play head-to-head here, and my 175 points were good for just third place out of four. Yikes.

And how goes The Bet, the annual pick-’em extravaganza between me and Mrs. Crappy? She’s up already, but that has more to do with me being an idiot than Gonzo’s injury. Nothing unusual there.

Sigh. It’s going to be a long season, fantasy-wise.