While we’re in Columbus this weekend, I won’t be able to avoid thinking about what I’m missing: Halloween in Athens.

I was in Athens for an embarrassingly large number of Halloweens, starting in the years when the street takeover was still a takeover and later, when it was a city-sanctioned street party.

I came up with a bunch of good costumes, but this one had to be my favorite:


Jerry Garcia was a pretty obvious choice for me, especially in 1993, when Mrs. Crappy took this picture of me and B’s little sister. It was a popular costume, too — I got to hang out with everyone from Elvis to a team of Asian Captain Kirks.

This leads me to a question: What’s the best Halloween costume you’ve ever come up with?


  1. I’ve never been one for dressing up for halloween but the best one i did was painting my face as Peter Criss form 1970’s KISS and wore hospital scrubs. I was Dr. Love


  2. btw, the Jerry outfit that I had this year was a hit, won an award too, even though it was no where near as badass as yours. Thankfully the voting was early because by the time group pics were taken my wing was falling apart.


  3. Spoon: that pic is awesome.

    Crappy: I miss Halloween in Athens. I used to visit my brother there and witnessed some of the greatest feats of vomiting ever coming home from State St.

    I think I’ve gone as some variation of a witch the majority of my Halloween party days. I had a couple of great wigs and they are just so versatile. ;-)


  4. OH! HALLOWEEN IN ATHENS! I really miss Athens…
    Some of my best costumes were worn there. Uh..Carmen San Diego (with my very own Rockapella), a S’more…


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