At 3:30 this afternoon, my attention will be focused on the televisions at the Sharp Edge, as I watch Ohio State upset Penn State in Happy Valley.

But as I watch my Buckeyes, I’ll also keep checking my phone, to look for updates on how my other team — your other team — playing on Saturday is doing.

While we’re getting ready to watch college football, our Pittsburgh Angels will be starting down the road to a potential national championship in Houston, Texas. And I’m willing to say the Angels’ performance on Saturday and Sunday is more important than what happens in State College.

I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: the Angels — Pittsburgh’s women’s rugby team — is our team. They’re trying to reach the pinnacle for themselves, sure, but they’re playing for our city — for us — as well. And it seems like they’re ready to top their performance at nationals in 2006, when they finished third in the country.

I’ve already written about what this opportunity means to AAA. If you want an idea of the intensity our women brought with them to Houston, read this post, by Trapp; you’ll understand immediately.

So while you’re doing whatever you need to do this weekend, make sure you’re also checking on how our Angels are doing in Houston. Want a preview? Check KDKA’s video from their final practice this week here. Need a tournament schedule and pairings? You’ll find it here. If you’re following AAA on Twitter, you should be able to pretty much follow the tournament as it happens. You can also check the team’s blog:; AAA promised she’d update it as often as possible.

I made a prediction in the first paragraph of this post. Let me make another: If they play like they can, our Angels are going to bring that title home to Pittsburgh when they return Monday morning. And when they do, we should be as proud of them as we are the hockey or football teams.