• A defense that held the conference’s best offense to 201 total yards and one touchdown (which I’m still not certain actually happened).
  • A “beleaguered” quarterback who threw for 125 yards and two touchdowns while running for another 50 and one TD.
  • A team that’s now firmly in the driver’s seat for the conference title.
  • A great afternoon of watching college football with everyone who came out to the Sharp Edge.
  • And another year of not having to listen to my Penn State friends and colleagues.


  1. Also – is it true that a trip to Naples might be in your semi-near future? That would be beyond fabulous if it worked out. The kids will just die when they hear that their Uncle and Aunt are coming for a visit. Keep us posted.


  2. E: I’ll write more tomorrow, but they lost a tight match in the finals.

    And: It’s twue, it’s twue! Spring break in Naples!


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