• Hey, look — we painted our front porch last weekend! It’s all one color now!
  • I started NaBloPoMo strong, but last week was fairly easy. With the dust-up over the uniforms, the upcoming Penn State game and our Angels, I had enough to write about to even give me a few extra posts. That momentum has waned a bit, though.
  • A bullet post is the perfect solution for waning NaBloPoMo momentum.
  • Or maybe it’s a sign of desperation. We’ll find out.
  • Something I should have written about last week when I was caught up in football and rugby: We’ve had not one but two recent resurrections of longtime Pittsburgh Blogging institutions: Sportsocracy and Have a Good Sandwich. TehJim was first, and he’s kept up regular posting since his return — I’m just hoping I can win another fantasy game or two before he decides to write about the YinzTeam Celebrity Bloggers Fantasy Football League, because I’ve been stinking up the joint. And then there’s Mr. Woycheck. I should have asked Mike what changed his mind when we were hanging out on Saturday; I didn’t, so I’ll go ahead and guess that he suffered a bit of post-Podcamp regret about shutting down the Sandwich earlier this year. Whatever the reason, I’m thrilled they’re both back.
  • Question: Should I go see Dark Star Orchestra on Thursday?
  • Ohio State’s game against Iowa is our last home game of the season, although we’ll still travel back to Columbus to watch the Michigan game at my folks’ house. But that won’t be our last college football of the season — the ‘rents are coming to Pittsburgh the weekend of December 5 so the four of us can watch Pitt play UC in what is shaping up to be the Big East championship game. I can’t speak for the others in my group, but I’ll be A) wearing Ohio State gear and B) cheering like hell for Pitt to beat the crap out of the Bearcats. Best team in Ohio, my ass.
  • I spoke to Calipanthergrl about this last night, but any Pitt tailgating tips would be both welcome and appreciated.
  • You people have been commenting like … uh … like there was a $50 iTunes gift card at stake. Keep ’em coming. We’re getting closer.


  1. RPM: Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

    Doogle: If it’s a concrete porch, I’m your man.

    Beth: The bullet post has long been a favorite avoidance technique of mine. Feel free to steal.

    Susan: Thanks. I’m glad someone is reading these.


  2. I’ve done at least two bulleted posts since beginning NaBloPoMo. Desperate, yes. Have I turned on the scanner to work on my “themed posts”? No.


  3. Kim: Believe me, I’m looking too. If I find one, I’ll pass it on.

    HP: You are proof that I am a bad influence.


  4. I was pretty forthcoming on my decision to return on my first post back – a combination of factors. I think you’re trying to sniff out a story. ;)


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