If you’re a faux-fur wearing plastic mousie, this is what can happen to you in our house.

Miles hasn’t ever show much interest in chasing actual mice — although he loved watching them scamper around the kitchen the couple times they showed up in our old apartment — but if it’s a mousie we’re talking about, he is lethal.

This mousie met its watery grave early Tuesday, after committing some horrible transgression that only Miles knows. That’s because this happened before the people in the house were awake. We asked him about what happened; all he said was he wanted to go play in the basement.

That’s how it goes in our house, especially if you’re a plastic mousie. Retribution is swift, deadly and then Miles moves on.

At least until the mousie dries.


  1. Our fat cat looooooves those things. SO MUCH. We stopped getting them because the dogs like to eat them. Maybe we need to reconsider that now that we can separate the heathens.

    I would have hated to have had to be the person that fished out the mouse. I bet it felt disgusting.


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