Today’s post is about Facebook. And beer.

But it’s really about something else.

I grumble about Facebook a bunch. It can be an obtrusive, annoying Blue and White Monster and there’s no question that it has the potential to be the biggest time suck the internet has ever seen.

Facebook can be a pretty noisy place, but once in a while — when I set that noise aside — it really comes through for me. About a week ago, while I found myself doing a little geographical free association, I came up with the name of a dear friend who attended my high school for just one year, someone who I hadn’t seen since she moved back to her hometown. I found a likely match on FB and sent a quick message.

And I found I was indeed in the right place.

After exchanging a couple of emails, we became FB friends today — a step that seems a little redundant — and I spent a couple minutes checking out her profile. I found this: She has a beautiful family. She has what sounds to be a fascinating career. She looks very much like she did 28 years ago. And she appears to still be kind of a goofball, something that’s near the top of my list of endearing traits, then and now.

I think I’m going to have a great time catching up with her. That may or may not happen within the context of Facebook — but I do owe the Blue and White Monster my thanks for making this possible.

– – –

And, J*, because you asked (sort of): A Short, Off The Top Of My Head List Of Our Favorite Colorado Craft Beers.

Odell Brewing Co., Fort Collins. We found these on our last trip to Aspen, specifically in the teeny carryout in Snowmass Village. I hadn’t heard of the brewery before, but I was happy we found them — Odell got us through the whole week. I know there were a few more, but I recall being impressed with the 90 Shilling Scottish ale, the Cup of Joe imperial stout and their Hand Picked Pale Ale, which was Mrs. Crappy’s favorite.

Great Divide, Denver. A couple stand out: Hibernation Ale, the brewery’s winter seasonal, is a monster — and I mean that in a good way — well suited for a cold winter night. And thanks to the generosity of a bartender in Lewiston, N.Y., I had my first taste of the Oak-Aged Yeti imperial stout this summer. Imperial stouts are my favorite style most days, but aging this one makes it something else entirely; its complexity makes it more like cabernet than a bottle of beer.

Boulder Beer, Boulder. I’m not sure how these guys survived the recent international hop shortage; everything they make seems to be loaded with sticky hop resin. The Mojo and Mojo Risin’, their IPA and imperial IPA, might be Mrs. Crappy’s favorite beers anywhere. The Never Summer winter warmer is a reason to be happy when the weather turns cold. And although my brain is clearly occupied by my viscous wintertime favorites, I just spent yet another summer drinking Sweaty Betty wheat ales like my life depended on it.

There you go — but you knew about all of these already, right? Thanks for letting me show off, and I hope to talk to you soon.

*Disclosure: If you show up here often enough, you’ll get a better nickname than this.


  1. Last week, I found a cousin that I hadn’t seen for 20 years on Facebook. I had been searching for her for years online.

    It’s only a time sucker if you farm LOL


  2. I love facebook – yes, it’s a time suck (mostly because I can’t walk away from Bejeweled Blitz 2) I’ve connected with so many people that I wouldn’t have..especially those from elementary school. I love seeing old friends and their families and hearing about where they live and hearing about their joys and woes. A friend and his wife from HS recently shared their news of adopting a baby (apparently after many years of trying, unsuccessfully to conceive, and many years of waiting for a baby). I cried as I sat there and read all of the notes congratulating, wishing them well…to me it’s postive energy in a world that can be so negative.

    So glad you found an old friend as well.


  3. I know Facebook has a lot of bells and whistles, but I just check out status updates/news feeds (please explain the difference between these things). I’m an infrequent visitor, but I have caught up with a couple of people I’m happy to “see” again.

    Also: Dan loves Mojo, too. I don’t think we’ve tried the Mojo Risin’. I’ll have to look for it.



  4. I have found a couple of wonderful old friends through FB and that makes it worth the endless Farmtown nonsense, Mafia Wars requests and “virtual” drinks. Just barely, but it does.


  5. I hate facebook and wish it would die but since it pays my bills wooohoooo gooo FB! Too many people have found me on there that I wish never to speak to again but the plus side is that I can stalk all the Burgh Moms muuwhahahaha.

    Oak-Aged Yeti Espresso Stout. that will make you see God


  6. No love for New Belgium Brewing in CO? I used to be able to get their 1554 Black Ale on draft in Missouri. They do some pretty terrific small batch stuff too if you’re ever out there again.


  7. Professor Aaaaaargh: You’re exactly right, but I haven’t tried enough to be able to make recommendations. There’s a looong list of their Belgian styles I need to work through. Excruciating research…


  8. Uncle C: Thanks for contributing to FB goodness. Another also goofy Golden Bear read this and friended me. (Next thing you know I’ll get an invite to the 25th class reunion….)
    I wanted to tell you about a little annual event in my town: The Great American Beer Festival. We’ve barely communicated in years but, just a guess, it seems like said festival might be up your alley. Here’s my open invitation to visit….


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