The day was perfect.

The tailgate party was perfect.

The band was perfect.

And while the game wasn’t quite perfect, it’s tough to top an overtime win that clinches a Rose Bowl appearance.

There will be plenty of football discussion this week — after all, it’s what we call around here the Best Week Of The Year — but for now, we’re going to let the pictures — still and moving — tell the story.









  1. I have to be honest. Seeing THE HAT in pics at the tailgates makes me uber happy :-) Still, I miss seeing you guys!!!!


  2. After all of these years I know I should trust Coach Tressel, but there were several moments during the game that I thought he must have been wearing an Iowa shirt under his sweater vest.

    Help me out, UC. What does it mean when Iowa is willing to allow a freshman starting his first game at QB to throw the ball (on the road) more than OSU. The view from my couch (and it’s quite a view) showed that OSU doesn’t have a lot of confidence in Pryor to make the right decisions and deliver the ball in critical situations. Is that a good read or do I need to move the couch to improve my view? Please enlighten me?


  3. AAA: The Hat has become a permanent fixture at our tailgate parties. And because it worked so well against Penn State a couple weeks ago, it will be on my head for the duration of the Michigan game on Saturday.

    Large: Valid questions, especially since TP was having a pretty good day (14 of 17, 93 yards, no interceptions). I understand Tressel’s thinking, but that didn’t make the last two minutes of the game any less frustrating.

    Here’s the funny thing. We were sitting next to couple of Iowa alums, and at the end of regulation, they were as frustrated as we were, because Ferentz wasn’t exactly going for the jugular in his last possession either.


  4. RPM: It’s delicious. I’m not sure it would be suitable for cocktail use, but on an it’s-almost-too-chilly-to-be-standing-in-a-parking-lot-kind-of-day, it’s perfect.


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