This is the week I look forward to every year.

This is the week when I schedule a vacation day on Sunday, as a matter of course, because no matter what happens on the day before, I’m going to need a little extra time to recover.

Look. I can see you rolling your eyes. “Michigan’s awful. There’s no way they can win this year.” “It’s not even a rivalry anymore.”

You’re wrong. There have been plenty of instances when the team that had no business winning not only won, but won convincingly. And I know plenty of Michigan fans who were happy to point out to me that they got a lot more excited about Michigan State in the 1990s, because we couldn’t beat the Wolverines, no matter what we did.

With a win in this game, Michigan would not only salvage the current season but it would enter 2010 with an extra boost of momentum, in addition to the improvement its program is going to see as its players mature.

I think Rich is going to bring them back. I’d rather not help them with that process.