We’re playing in different uniforms. Bad.

The players like the new uniforms. Good.

We’re playing in Ann Arbor. Bad.

A bunch of Weasel fans will be selling their tickets. Good.

Their quarterback guaranteed a win. Bad.

Their TRUE FRESHMAN quarterback guaranteed a win. Good.

Our offense still looks shaky at times. Bad.

Their defense looks shaky all the time. Good.

We could be taking the game lightly because we already have a share of the Big Ten championship and the Rose Bowl berth. Bad.

We have chance to win an outright title and beat Michigan for the sixth-straight year, so there’s no freaking way we’re going to overlook this game. Very, very good.


Ohio State 27, Michigan 10.


  1. That sounds about right! I can’t wait to see Rich Rod’s look of mock constipation gracing the side lines. Go Bucks! Have a good one!


  2. 27 – 10 must have been a typo. You meant 21 – 10, right? If you ever decide to give up reporting and blogging, I see prognostication as a good fit for you.

    My calculator has been off a bit lately, but doesn’t this make 3 consecutive UofM classes that have not tasted victory against the Buckeyes? And, isn’t that sweet?


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