In terms of football, the last three weeks pretty much have been a dream.

A win, on the road, against the Pennsylvanians. The final home game goes into overtime, and the win clinches an appearance in the Rose Bowl. And then a thumping in Ann Arbor that wraps up an outright conference championship.

The stuff surrounding the football games has been great as well. A terrific afternoon with friends watching the Penn State game. Our best tailgate party of the year before Iowa.

And then there’s Michigan Weekend. The road games actually have the potential to be a little rougher — the traditional Beat Michigan spaghetti dinner on Friday and everyone’s over at my folks’ house early Saturday to watch the game. It’s a great time, and this weekend was even better than usual.

It’s also exhausting. I wanted to stay up and watch last night’s game between Arizona and Oregon, because of how important it was in determining who we’re playing in the Rose Bowl; instead, Mrs. Crappy and I were both in bed by 9, and we were the ones who stayed up the latest.

It’s a lot of work. And I wouldn’t change a thing. I love my college football, and this November has turned out to be a pretty good month. But a big part of why I enjoy this so much is that it means I’m spending time with my favorite people anywhere. I got to do that with some new people — who, thankfully, didn’t seem to be too concerned about my antics at the Sharp Edge — and our regular group for the two following weeks. I’d be a freak about this stuff even if I was watching it all alone; it’s a lot more fun because you guys are a part of it as well.

And now? We rest. That’s kind of a funny thing to say, because we won’t actually be resting — we’ll be doing the family thing for Thanksgiving, and then the whole month of December rushes by in a whirl of parties, plans, shopping, cooking, drinking. It’s fun, but it’s not exactly restful.

It does, however, mean we get to stay home for a few weekends. We both love football season, but I don’t mind admitting we’re a bit relieved when it’s done, because the trips between here and Columbus take a lot of energy.

So. I’m going to put my feet up and relax for a couple days. And I’m going to start by going to bed nice and early. See y’all tomorrow.