For quite a while, I’ve been looking for something that would help me with work — writing filing stories while out of the office, updating work sites and accounts without being tethered to my desk — and I had high hopes for the tablet Apple introduced today.

Yeah, the logical solution is a MacBook, but that’s just a bit out of reach financially. I’ve also considered buying a netbook, but I wouldn’t be as happy with a Windows machine of any kind, and I’m not sure the ones that have the necessary horsepower are worth the money.

I thought the Apple tablet might be the thing that would end my search. What I see instead is a giant iPhone.

It might still be useful for me, but there are enough limitations that I’m actually disappointed after taking a look at what it does. Information Week does a nice job of pointing out what’s missing here; I’m not bothered by all of these, but no Flash support and no multitasking would both be problems.

(And then there’s the name; the 12-year-old boy in me had a great time reading the jokes that, uh, flowed through Twitter all afternoon…)

But: I like that there’s an actual keyboard. The price seems to be reasonable. And it might do what I need it to do. I’m sure that the local Apple Store will have one we can play with sometime soon. I’ll take a look and make a decision then.

But I was hoping to be blown away today. In that respect, Apple didn’t deliver.


  1. You know, i wouldn’t trade my mac for the world (and I’m in desperate need of an upgrade), but we’ve always been on Verizon for cells. I have my fingers crossed that a droid is in my future, although I wouldn’t say no to an iTouch. But the, uh, new iThing from Apple holds no appeal for me.


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