At the risk of sounding like my buddy Bobby, today we’re going to talk about local news.

My ears perked up while listening to the noon news on Wednesday, when WPXI told us about a bust of 26 gang members from Northview Hights and Brighton Heights. I know there are sections of my new neighborhood that might be a little shady — we’ve heard gunshots a couple times, and there was a pretty hefty drug bust on California Avenue just a couple blocks from our house last year — but the kind of activity my news partners were telling me about didn’t seem to jibe with what we had experienced in the last 16 months.

And then I saw a thing about the bust on the PG’s site later in the afternoon. That story didn’t have a lot of detail, but it referred to the Northview Heights and Brighton Place Crips.


Brighton Place is a 2.5-mile drive from my house, in what is an actual North Side neighborhood the city calls California-Kirkbride. And believe me, kids, that’s a looooong two and a half miles.

Here’s the thing. Take a WPXI reporter — or perhaps it was a photographer or producer — who’s not familiar with the area, and that’s an easy mistake to make; while it shouldn’t happen, I can see how someone would confuse Brighton Heights and Brighton Place when they’re in a rush to get a story on the air.

And here’s where I’m having trouble. It’s twenty four hours later. The PG has a full accounting of the bust (including information that most of the people facing charges are in prison already, something that probably should have been mentioned in Wednesday’s stories) up at its site. It clearly references Brighton Place and nearby streets easily located on Google maps.

But Channel 11’s site still has the same story — the one that says THERE WERE CRIPS ROAMING THE STREETS WHERE I LIVE — up at its site. And it’s still wrong.

(And, I should note — I didn’t see televised pieces about the bust on either KDKA or WTAE, but they both have it right on their Websites.)

It’s an easy mistake to make. It’s also an easy mistake to fix. And I’m wondering why WPXI hasn’t bothered.


  1. I’m sorry, but you totally don’t sound like a ranting Bobby here… I could give you the entire run-down on why, but I know where you live, and have lived just a block or two away a while back… And I know how the ‘Burgh likes to name multiple neighborhoods with very similar names.

    I’d say more & perhaps be witty, but I just spoke to my family once again and I just don’t have it in me.


  2. TV news sucks at geography.
    It always seems that they can pick a nieghborhood anywhere except the North Side. I stuff happens next to you in Brighton Heights, it becomes lumped together with my neighborhood two miles away.
    If something happens in the East end, they are always careful to say an event occurred in Homewood or Squirrel Hill.
    Face it. TV News hates anyone who does live where they do.


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