I’ve been looking forward to today as much as nearly anything all winter.

This evening, a bunch of us will meet at the Island Sports Center to give curling a try for the first time. I’ve been a freak about this sport after watching all I could during the last two Olympics, and tonight I finally get to throw a few rocks tonight, thanks to the great folks with the Pittsburgh Curling Club, whom I met when I did a story about them a couple weeks ago.


Going to Bocktown after.

Finally getting to meet Mystery Michelle.

Tonight is gonna be good.


  1. Thanks so much for stopping down last night! It was a pleasure meeting you and Mrs. Crappy. Hopefully we can get more ice time and yinz guys can experience a full learn to curl session. :)


  2. Can i still make fun of you, or is Michelle bigger than me?

    My husband is quite psyched about the curling at Island Sports. Shall I send him down? (And, yes, I will make fun of him, too, regardless of Michelle.)


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