My weekend didn’t start off so hot, but it improved rapidly. And things have only gotten better from there.

  • Despite a rough last-minute assignment Thursday afternoon, I made it to the Tweetup at Pipers. And boy, did I need it.
  • Friday was appropriately lazy. I had planned on skiing, but Snowmageddeon 12 (or whichever it was) had other plans; it would have been difficult to get up to Seven Springs, so I put off skiing for a week. Instead, Mrs. Crappy and I had a fabulous dinner at Spice Island, followed by dessert at Dave and Andy’s. And we were both in bed by 10.
  • I mentioned the curling thing in my last post — that was Saturday’s main activity. We officially put Christmas back up in the attic in the morning (shut up), and then headed to the RMU Island Sports Center for our quick curling tryout — along with almost 600 of our closest friends. Yes, we had to wait for about two hours to get on the ice, but it was totally worth it. I have pix and video I hope to post later tonight or tomorrow, but I’ll say this now — I could get seriously hooked on curling.
  • Along with the curling, I finally got to meet Mystery-No-More-Michelle, who’s definitely going to need a new nickname.
  • Along with meeting Mystery-No-More-Michelle, we got drinks and dinner at Bocktown. That’s always a highlight of any day.
  • Sunday saw the birth of a new breakfast creation: Tatertata, my name for Mrs. Crappy’s frittata that used the Tater Tots we had in the freezer. Oh, it was good.
  • The rest of Sunday was fairly standard, until I finally took a look at my work email and noticed a note from Tony Knipling, my friend at Vecenie Distributing, WHO ASKED IF I WANTED TO CO-HOST THE CRAFT BEER SCHOOL SESSION IN MAY. I told him yes on Monday afternoon, and since then YinzTeamers have snapped up nearly all the remaining tickets. If you want to give it a try, I’d suggest you hurry.

See? That turned out pretty well…


  1. Myself and Lushie will be at Beer School.

    A couple tips on hosting it:
    1) chug a DFH90 before the doors open.
    2) you wont see past the first couple rows. Look for Mrs Crappy and smile pretty
    3) They should have show notes for you. bring a pen to write notes and doodle on the paper.
    4) get up on stage before doors open and savor the moment, its pretty cool.

    Proud of ya dude! have fun with it!


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