Consider this to be your starting point. I shot this Feb. 7, just as we were getting a look at all that snow for the first time.
When I got my first look at our front yard buried in 25 inches of snow, I recall thinking: “We’re still going to have piles of snow here in May.”

I was wrong, of course. And it looks like our yard is doing all it can to put that nasty month of February behind it:

That same shrub as it looked this morning. I'm still not sure it's going to make it, but it looks like it's trying.
We've been concerend about the Japanese maple in the front yard; it got dumped on as snow slid from the porch roof, to the point where it lost a branch. But we're seeing buds for the first time, and we're hoping that bodes well.

And speaking of buds: I think we're going to have some flowers soon.


  1. Our yard and driveway are just mud right now. ee cummings mud-wonderful April (or is that spring) are a month early at casa di rpm!

    hope the foliage makes it!


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