Our favorite Mad Elf.

As is generally the case, I received a flurry of responses as soon as I posted the announcement that the Fifth Annual Uncle Crappy NCAA Final Four Challenge was open for entries.

And as is generally the case, the flurry has slowed. And then I start bugging people about signing up.

Here’s one reason why you should. I’ve joked for years about the fabulousness of the prizes I offer for AUCNFFC each year, because it gives me a chance to use a joke, borrowed by EPSN Radio’s Bob Valvano, that I never get tired of:

“*Prizes not actually fabulous.”

This time, though, we have an actual reason to be excited about the prizes, especially for those of you who live in Pittsburgh — or those who don’t but need a reason to visit the Crappys sometime in the near future — our friend Chris has generously offered a $30 gift card to Bocktown Beer and Grill for our FAUCNFFC champion. As the regulars know, thirty bucks at Bocktown will get you two dinners with beer — or, if you’re so inclined, a shit-ton of barbeque bacon fries. Mmmmm…

So. Get yer entries in, kids. Rules are here. Deadline is noonish Thursday.


    1. “As per usual”? What exactly does that mean?

      Let’s recap:

      FAUCNFFC: You were boycotting brackets, so I picked for you. You finished in tie for first.

      SAUCNFFC: You made your own picks. You won.

      THAUCCFFC: You made your own picks, although you included one team that wasn’t in the tournament. You, uh, didn’t win.

      FAUCNFFC: You made your own picks. You didn’t win, but you didn’t embarrass yourself.

      If I’m picking for you, you’re getting all four 15 seeds. Just sayin…


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