Cover jinx? What cover jinx?

The Fifth-Annual Uncle Crappy NCAA Final Four Challenge gets started in about 24 hours, when the first games of this year’s tournament begin. So you’ve got 24 hours get your FAUCNFFC entries in via comment, email or carrier pigeon.

I have entries from:

  1. Chachi
  2. AJ
  3. Kayla
  4. Anthony
  5. Doogle
  6. Large
  7. Bobby
  8. Larry
  9. Carla
  10. Pantster
  11. CurlGirl Michelle
  12. AAA
  13. Papuga
  14. Mr. Burns
  15. My Mom

That’s a good list, and as always, I’m trilled to see a couple newcomers on board. But we’re still missing most of our regulars; you guys should know by now that I’m not above persistent email harassment until I wear you down.

You’ll find the rules here. Don’t miss out on the chance for bragging rights and Fabulous Prizes* — get your entries in today.

*Yes, the prizes are actually fabulous this year.


    1. Maybe. But if every team playing in the tournament is on the cover, does that mean no one’s going to win?


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