I may have mentioned before that I’m co-hosting the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust’s Craft Beer School session in May with my buddy Tony Knipling of Vecenie’s Distributing. I may have also mentioned that there are no tickets left for the class, unless the trust releases a few the day of the session.

I’d love to take credit for the sellout — and I probably will anyway — but the reality is that these things are very popular, regardless of whomever is sitting next to Tony onstage. Two hundred and fifty people. All staring at me.

Holy shit.

OK. In the interest of making sure that as many of my friends as possible are in attendance, we’re going to do something a little special.

I have a single ticket to my session, which will be held at 6:15 p.m. May 18 at the Cabaret at Theater Square downtown. Rather than trying to scalp the ticket for what I’m certain would be the equivalent of a mortgage payment, I decided to give it to one of yinz guys.

Here’s what you do: Tell me what your favorite beer is. Tell me why. If you recall, tell me about the first time you had one and what you thought. Pretty simple, right?

Leave a comment at the end of this post. And on Sunday, May 16, I’ll use a random-picking thingy to select our winner.

And for the record, my favorite beer changes frequently, but at the moment, I’m having a hard time getting past how good a glass of Saison Dupont tastes while I’m sitting on my back porch. I love the earthy, spicy hints in the saison style — and more and more good ones are showing up all the time — but I haven’t had any that are as good as the one made at Brasserie Dupont.


  1. Can I have more than one favorite beer?

    Well, one of my always-top-5s is Maredsous 8, which I had for the first time six years ago when D worked at Sharp Edge in Friendship. I was (and am still) particularly taken with its smooth-ness. It’s still my go-to if I need to order quickly.


  2. I want to know the same as Andrea, more than one plz? Lol This is hard but I would have to say De Glazen Torren Saison. Although I’ve only had it once I’ll never forget it.

    I had it the first time I went out to CA to visit my bf. Oh the wonderous beers that coast has. Nom :)


  3. I just wish I drank beer so I could apply for a ticket and watch you squirm in the spotlite…


  4. Wow – I had the Belgium Farmhouse Ale last weekend watching the Derby – reminded me a Fresca. (I don’t get asked to write my opinions about beer very often – don’t know why).

    Good luck and congrats on the beer blog


  5. I have yet to meet an IPA I didn’t like, but I am seriously in love with Bear Republic’s Racer 5. And since I can make no use of those tickets (or, at least, beer) for months yet, if I happen to get picked, go ahead and pick again.


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