It’s a good thing — for both of us — that my friend Andrea reminded me that the drawing for the extra Craft Beer School ticket was supposed to be tonight, because it would have slipped my mind completely.

Seeing as we had just two entries — there were six comments on the post, but everyone else either had a ticket, lives out of town or was, uh, pregnant. And with just two entries, I didn’t feel like looking up a random number-picker thingie on the internet — so I thought I’d let Miles make the pick.

I put the two entry numbers — for Andrea and Veronica respectively, according to the number of the comment they submitted — of sheets of paper, and crumpled them up. I got the cat’s attention and tossed them on the floor; the first one he went for would be the winner.

There he goes.

And our winner is: Andrea, who will join Mrs. Crappy Tuesday night to see me make an idiot of myself. Congratulations, Andrea — we’ll see you Tuesday.

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