By this time tomorrow, I will be basking in the glow of a successfully completed Craft Beer School.

(Actually, at this time tomorrow, I’ll be back in the newsroom, typing in election results. Small newsroom, election night — there’s pretty much no way around it…)

I’ve done a lot of bitching about being nervous about tomorrow night; that’s because I’m actually nervous about tomorrow night. But I’m also a little more confident about how things will go than I’m letting on.

I talked with Tony, the host of the Craft Beer School series, about how things will go. I also did my own tasting session tonight at our kitchen table; I found three of the four beers we’re sampling tomorrow and wrote up some notes, so I know what to expect. Pilsners are tough, in the sense that the flavor differences are subtle; it’s not like trying to suss out the differences between a couple of IPAs, so I think the little preview I set up for myself is going to be helpful.

As I said — I’m a little nervous about this. But you guys have been very encouraging, and I appreciate that. There are a shit-ton of you coming to watch, and I appreciate that even more. Knowing that there are a bunch of you in the audience — even if I can’t actually see you past the stage lights — is going to help me enjoy myself. I hope you guys will too.

See y’all tomorrow.

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  1. I don’t think pregnant people are allowed to drink beer. Which is total horseshit.


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