Used to be full.

I’m going to have to check to see if the NaBloPoMo rules explicitly state “one post per day” or if they’d just be happy with 30 posts for the month of June. Because I kinda blew that first one this weekend.


We did get some shit done, though.


    1. Yep. The only thing we left was a broken and non-functioning old console turntable thing. It weighs approximately 3,732 pounds and we didn’t want to load it in the truck, so we left it the hell there.


    1. We were very happy to have it emptied. We were nearly as happy get get all that crap home, but after unloading the truck on our own, we didn’t have enough for dancing.

      (Thanks again for your offer to help. If we had gotten back sooner, we would’ve taken you up on that…)


  1. Can I hire you guys to empty my basement? You don’t have to clean it, just empty it. I’ll pay in beer. And then we’ll have a crap sale and I’ll split the proceeds with you.


    1. I’m not sure we’re the people you want –after all, we just filled our basement, again — but I like the part about the beer. Let’s talk about this.


    2. Albamaria30, You know UC and The Wife so you shouldn’t have to be told that you can’t afford to pay them in beer!


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