I spent the late morning and early afternoon with some of my favorite moms anywhere (along with one non-mom who I think would be a good one if she chooses to go that route). And I had a blast.

However. With all that parental savvy and experience I spent two hours with today, could one of those ladies said something like “Hey, UC — did you put on any sunscreen?”

Yeah, uh, no.


This is what everyone was doing at the Carnegie Science Center today. And seriously, ladies, I had a great time watching you do great things.


  1. I forgot sunscreen today (and I am NEVER without sunscreen) and I burned a little. I rarely burn, so today must have been relentless. I was having too much fun to notice. nice article!


  2. OUCH! I am right there with you. On both the raging sunburn, as well as having an awesome time at DO good Day!
    Glad you could come!


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