Once the college football consolidation fever subsided earlier this summer, the next step for the Big Ten was, naturally, a discussion about a “potential” championship game (in quotes because Jim Delaney continues to lie maintain that a championship game isn’t a given) and where it might be held.

We have indoor stadiums in the region that would work just fine. Detroit’s Ford Field has hosted the Super Bowl. They’ve had then in Indy and, I think, Minneapolis as well.

But indoors isn’t right for the Big Ten. What we need is this:

Soldier Field, Chicago.
Lambeau Field, Green Bay.
Cleveland Browns Stadium, Cleveland.

If we have to have a title game, can we please play it outside? No domes, no climate-controlled nonsense? The bowl game can still be the reward, a trip to someplace sunny and warm on New Year’s Day. But the conference title game is about us, about the Midwest and about the playing in the weather we get here.

If we’re playing for the Big Ten Football Championship, in December, can it at least feel that way?



  1. Yes! A weekend in Chicago to see a championship game would be awesome. Love the idea of the older venues, but how long are those places going to be around?


    1. None of those are truly old. The building in Cleveland been around for just a decade, Lambeau’s been upgraded several times and Soldier Field is essentially a new stadium, except for the old facade. They’ll all be available for a looooong time.


  2. They wouldn’t use Heinz Field. Pitt would burn it down before they’d let a Big Ten that didn’t invite them to be their 12th team play in their stadium.

    Chicago would be perfect, storied, and oh so sweet on TV! Yes, it needs to be a cold, snowy game, or as much as Mother Nature will allow!


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