I spent way too much time today thinking about an idiot sportswriter in south Florida, and a column he pretty clearly wrote to get a ton of hits for the paper’s web site.

I’m not going to link to it here — I did that already at KNT, and you can go over there and see it if you like — but I still can’t let go, of the idiot sportswriter’s claim or what’s actually behind it.

What he said: Ohio Stadium doesn’t carry much of a home-field advantage. That can be addressed pretty easily:

(Yeah, I’m tired of the Seven Nation Army thing too, but the kids seem to like it, so whatever.)

What he meant:

  1. Ohio State isn’t relevant.
  2. The Buckeyes choke in the big games.
  3. We know what happens in those Midwest versus South contests.
  4. And when was the last time OSU won anything, anyway?

That is getting old, boys and girls. This crap needs to stop.

I have answers for idiot sportswriter:

  1. In this decade, Ohio State’s played in seven BCS bowl games, including the last six years straight. The Buckeyes have also played for the national championship three times in that span, winning one at the end of a perfect, 14-0 2002 season.
  2. Jim Tressel’s record against ranked opponents at Ohio State is 34-14.
  3. People from south Florida probably recall that last part about the national championship in Answer No. 1.
  4. You mean besides winning at least a share of the Big Ten championship for the last five seasons? Or winning five bowl games — four of which were BCS games — in the past decade? Well, you could start with that last part about the national championship in Answer No. 1.

In defending his idiotic comments today, idiot sportswriter said he’d be in Columbus to cover the game. I’d like to invite idiot sportswriter to stop up at 14C so I can scream in his ear for three hours. Idiot sportswriter would probably still think that Ohio State football isn’t relevant, but he’d at least know he was wrong about Ohio Stadium.


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