We’ve put the lid on Podcamp Pittsburgh 5, which might have been our best effort to date.

So naturally, I’m going to write about beer.

That’s only partially true; I’m not going to write about much at all — and I’m not going to tag, format or link one single thing — because I’m exhausted from three days of Podcamp fun. And while I’ll have a lot to say over the next day or two about the entire weekend, for right now a few highlights will have to suffice.

* I know it’s fall, because I drank Southern Tier’s Pumking all weekend long (mostly thanks to Chris).

* I learned lessons, both broad and specific, about how journalism and social media can successfully work together (entirely thanks to Bob).

* I am fired up about blogging once again (entirely thanks to Cindy).

* I got the chance to meet a ton of internet friends for the first time (Hi, everybody!).

* I capped the weekend by drinking one of two bottles of Founder’s Nemesis 2010 (thanks entirely to The Andersons [the store, not the people who live down the street from my folks]).

* I learned that I only partially suck at Twitter (thanks to Rob).

* I learned the Secret Agent L is pretty funny, even when her PowerPoint slides don’t want to cooperate (thanks to, uh, Laura).

* Indirectly — because I was following the game on my phone — I found that Ohio State might have a really good team this year (thanks, Terrelle).

* I didn’t learn that I run with an amazing group of friends. Because I already knew that (thanks to everyone, but especially Missy, Mike, Jennie, Rob and Norm for their in putting together another incredible Podcamp).

UPDATE, Monday afternoon: I’m still exhausted, but I went back and added all the stuff I should have added last night. You’re welcome.


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