Although WordPress seems to do a pretty good job of figuring out which comments belong here and which don’t, I still take a look at the spam folder once in a while to catch those occasional misses.

The comments in there today are almost conversational, rather than the usual gibberish or collection of links. It’s almost like the spammers are sort of trying. Here are a few samples, along with my responses:

Weighty seems to be a big fan. He commented twice, on holiday and brothers and said the same thing each time: “gonna send this to my mom.”  Gosh, Weighty, I hope you do, especially if she’s a vegetarian Allman Brothers fan.

asdf doesn’t seem to have the hang of making a comment relevant. In response to a football post, he said: “i am addicted to farmville.” asdf, I think a penicillin shot will clear that right up.

Insurance companies seem to love me — or they’re big fans of pictures of dinosaurs. Not one, not two but three of them commented on beat. Hebard Insurance thinks it was the “the best topic I’ve heard all week!” Ers Insurance wants to hear more, asking if I’m going to follow up on the topic (and since the topic was Podcamp, the answer is yes). And the lovely Katheryn at Hanns Insurance is “glad” I said that. Katheryn, if that’s the case, just wait until I finish my Podcamp recap for real.

But my favorite of the bunch came from weight loss calculator, who commented on ride, a post about the bike ride we took when Juan spent the weekend here a while back: “trying to follow you on twitter, but can’t find your name.” WLC, if you can’t find my name on Twitter, there’s an excellent chance that that paperweight on your desk is probably smarter than you are.


  1. I’ve enjoyed (maybe not) watching how my spam is tracking my online persona – going from hot horney stud (girls, girls, girls) to viagra and +50 singles in your area – guess I’m becoming pretty boring.


  2. I get a total kick from my spam folder too. They must be targeting wordpress this week, because I got someone sending an article to his/her mom, and insurance companies galore. Of course, those were on my health care reform posts, so maybe that’s why. Love the “permanently delete” button!


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