If the goal for today was to play, we were successful.

  • A good tailgate/game watching party from a killer vantage point on the top level of CMU’s East Campus Garage. And Hiram and Carnegie Mellon were entertaining as hell.
  • Bocktown: killer dinner watching college football (for me); great ladies night (for Mrs. Crappy).
  • Finished up at Ruggers Pub, where AAA made her triumphant return to bartending, and Perry made his triumphant return to the South Side (night II).

We were home by 10:15. We’re sunburned and exhausted. That was a great day.

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  1. Small college football is a great experience. Geneva-Westminster was a great rivalry for many years.
    The MAC schools play some great games that fly under the radar because Big Brother Big 10, no 11, no 12, dominate the airwaves.
    Then again, Pitt playing Florida International is bigtime college football.


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