It takes most people about a half hour to get through the three haunts in Scarehouse.

Ginny is not most people. She made it through in about 15 minutes.

As I mentioned last night, Ginny lost the ticket-sales challenge between her and Michelle, and was forced to face one of her worst fears — going through Scarehouse by herself.

She’s promised a post about the experience from her point of view later today, but I wanted to share how this looked from the perspective of those who watched in the RIP Lounge. Ginny was wearing a wireless mic, so we were able to hear her reactions as she wandered through the darkness. And Scarehouse has cameras set up everywhere, so we could get a look at her venturing from room to room.

Except catching a glimpse of her was a little tough, because she was moving quickly. Security Steve would point to a feed when she was approaching that room, and then we’d inevitably hear her scream — and see a tiny Ginny run through the room. She made record time.

Apparently, it wasn’t too terrible; Ginny went through a second time, accompanied by Michelle, and she survived that trip as well. And as Michelle did with the dress, Ginny handled the experience with grace and good humor — except for the thing with all the screaming.


  1. Thank you so much for taking and posting that. Amazing.

    Both of them are such great sports. I feel lucky to know them!

    Ginny did SO well going through the second time. I barely heard her screa at all.


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