We’ll go through many more details when we have more time, but there are just a couple things I wanted to make sure I pointed out after our Crazy Scary night at Scarehouse.

Ginny returns to the RIP Lounge after sprinting through Scarehouse by herself.

Ginny lost, and gamely went through the haunts by herself, with Scarehouse Scott trailing in the distance. She was wearing a wireless mic, and we could watch much of her trip on the closed-circuit cameras scattered throughout the building. It was … very entertaining.

Her highness. She kept on the wig when she went through the haunt.

Moments after it was announced that Michelle had won the ticket-sales contest, the Scarehouse folks passed the, uh, cauldron and collected an additional $160, which was enough to grudgingly convince Michelle that she had to go through with the transformation to pretty, pretty princess.

Both of these ladies — two of my favorite people anywhere — were willing to let down their respective guards for an evening, in front of a crowd of people. Even if they hadn’t raised the money they did for Make Room for Kids and Christmas Crazy, that is impressive in and of itself.

And yeah, since they did raise a boatload of cash for their kids? I’m proud to know both of them.


I can tell you now that Scarehouse is the best haunt I’ve ever been through; tomorrow, I’ll tell you why (without giving anything away).

Also — I know it seems unfair to post a pic of Michelle in her get-up without posting anything more than a picture of Ginny climbing up the stairs. Trust me — the video I’ll post tomorrow will more than make up for it.


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