You’ve already seen a photo of this guy, taken back on the day I got him at the hardware store in Bellevue. That post was somewhat cryptic (surprise!), but now I’m here to explain.

A couple scoreboards ago, Mrs. Crappy and I had two favorite video clips that used to play frequently in Ohio Stadium. One was pretty straightforward, just a clip of a Woody Hayes bobblehead nodding in approval after a good play. The other, though, was just weird.

It started with a shot of this penguin Christmas decoration, just sitting in a backyard. It cut abruptly to a shot of a girl, standing in the same yard and looking displeased. The video moved back and forth between the girl and the penguin, with the girl looking more agitated with each shot and the penguin, somehow, looking more apprehensive.

How’d it end? Something like this:

Mrs. Crappy, by her own admission, isn’t an especially good actor, but she does a pretty good job of capturing the slightly off-kilter character of the girl in the video.

And the penguin does a good job of, uh, being a penguin.


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