Monday’s Get Local With Lew dinner at Bocktown was spectacular. You can take a look at the full menu here; my highlights foll0w.



Our hostess with the mostest. This was right before she smacked me upside the head for asking about the progress on B2.




Lew Bryson, our guest of honor. Lew spoke in between courses, reminding us again and again how thankful we should be to be living, drinking and eating in Pennsylvania.




Sweet Ricci's sausage stuffed inside a beautiful heirloom pepper. The beer is the most recent Four Season IPA from Voodoo. Perfect pairing.




The credit for the IPA goes to Matt Allyn, Voodoo's owner. He's telling us about the impending return of Black Magick, and I am drooling.



This might have been my favorite course of the night, a surprise for a guy who's not a big fan of fish -- chipotle pesto blackened trout, with apple and asparagus rice. The trout was fabulous; the fish itself was mild and the smoky flavors of the chipotle were an unexpected compliment to the pesto. The beer? East End's Weisse This Beer So Sour?




And there's East End's Scott Smith, telling us about the Festival of Darkness. Homewood Reserve!




That's Andy Rich, the brewmaster at Penn. They have some fabulous stuff coming out; I had a glass of a very good rye IPA at the brewery on Thursday, and it's almost time for St. Nicholas Bock...




I didn't take pictures of a couple courses, but I couldn't miss this one: a pecan waffle with a cranberry sweet cream and a reduction of Erie's Ol' Red Cease and Desist. Which also happens to be what's in the glass. A perfect finish.




Yeah, that was a good night. (Photo stolen from Becky's Facebook album.)


Once again — thanks to Mrs. Crappy for surprising me with the ticket. I had a great night, honey!

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  1. I hope we can do one of these at ‘you know where’ next year.

    Thanks for the chronicle! You had the right seat for phone pics, mine are all warm and fuzzy, reflective of the feeling I had from that night!

    Gotta love the Lew laugh.
    It was extra funny at the end of the night after all had left, Mike Beattie posted on twitter about Lew’s laugh outdoing his… I think they are tied. Lew got a kick out of the comment, oh, and laughed out loud, way out loud. ;)


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