Getting myself back to work on Sunday after more than a week away was tough. But I arrived to some surprises which made the return a little bit easier. Sitting on my desk when I walked in the newsroom:

This very old mini-bar bottle of Bacardi has been passed around the newsroom for years. I assume I inherited it from Larissa, who just left while I was on vacation to take over the Patch job in Sewickley. It’s an honor to keep it in my desk, even though I’ll never drink a drop from the bottle.

I have no idea where this came from, but it appears that everyone got a bag. Yummy.

And then there was this, which I apparently won in absentia last week. It’s not only appropriate, but there’s some cool stuff in here — I needed a desk Slinky and the iTunes gift card will definitely come in handy. And the Steelers ornament? Yeah, it’ll go on the tree, after I give it to Mrs. Crappy.

Good stuff to come back to. I might even show up for work again Monday morning.

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