Mrs. Crappy and I have found the perfect cat toy. And it was supposed to be for me.

She visited a toy store up her way on Thursday, and mentioned to the proprietor that her husband had an obnoxious number of toys stowed in, on and around his cubicle at work. Apparently, the guy jumped up from his desk and said I desperately needed one of these:

From the nice people at

And he was right. It’s small, barely an inch from the bottom of the stem to the rotors, but it flies like crazy.

And that’s where Miles comes in.

When Mrs. Crappy gave it to me last night, I immediately had to give it a try. And it instantly caught the attention of Miles, who had appeared to be sleeping on the couch next to me.

Chasing. Tackling. Chattering, like he was watching a bird flap around outside. The cat is nuts for this thing. Miles and I had an 30-minute session with it this morning that left him so tired from the running around — he is 10 years old, people — that he eventually gave up and wandered upstairs so he could take a nap.

This will be good. It’s pretty much indestructible — just one piece of plastic — so I think this will be his favorite toy for quite a while.


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