I can get bacon AND beer cheese on my fries? Who knew?

See how I did that in the title? Heh.

To be specific: We have about 15 hours remaining before the start of the NCAA hoops tournament — and just 15 more hours to enter the Sixth Annual Uncle Crappy NCAA Final Four Challenge (Brought to you by Bocktown).

The full set of instructions is here, but listen, people — this couldn’t be easier. Give me your final four, your semi finalists, your champion and a score for the title game (to be used as a tiebreaker if necessary); if you’re the winner, you take home a Bocktown gift card. Leave a comment, send me an email, send a note via carrier pigeon — whatever works. Just make sure I have it by noon Thursday and you’re in.

Get your picks in, boys and girls, and let the fun begin.


  1. Okay – here are mine (didn’t have time to research much – so it’s a swag)

    OSU beating out ‘The Wife’s’ Team (name used for old time sakes) to match up with ‘The Wife’s’ nemesis (2 in 1 paragraph even) Duck, who easily handled the kittens from the Queen City.

    Flipping over to the other bracket, the boys from Lawrence score more points than the coal based engine gents from West Lafayette. And the much anticipated Union busters from Madison narrowly beating out the ‘But Your Utah?” clan.

    So its the Bucks v. Devils and Jayhawks v. Badgers. Nuts and Birds is what I predict.

    And finally, if my Ouija Board is right, it’s Big 10(12??) prevailing over the Big 12, even though they seem to have a bit better understanding of basic math.

    Final score – OSU – 87; KU 79.

    Final Answer.


  2. WVU v. UConn
    Kansas v. Pitt

    WVU v. Pitt


    Mon Valley championship game with the Good Guys winning!


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