This stuff...
...goes in here.
Right after I added these, I had my one boil-over of the whole process. I got it cleaned up before Mrs. Crappy got home, though, so it doesn't count.
Cooling down.
See you in a week.


  1. What is the green stuff? I’m not a beer drinker and I know. It’s hops. Shame on a beer drinker that doesn’t know what goes in the kettle…


  2. You go girl!!!

    Homebrew is the crack of beer. Doesn’t matter what flavor you make. It’s the crack of beer.

    Need proof? My Bud Light drinking in-laws got a hold of a couple cases of Scottish Ale I made and drank it all. AND, they won’t stop begging me to make more. I think if I started charging them exorbitant amounts of money, they would start stealing other people’s stuff to pay me. Like I said, “crack”.


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