Let’s start there. Next year, when I start writing about college basketball, I need someone to remind me that I am not to pick Pitt to win a single game in the NCAA tournament ever. Ever. I don’t care if they’re playing the Washington Generals. Never, ever again.

I can take some solace in the fact that the vast majority of participants in the Sixth Annual Uncle Crappy NCAA Final Four Challenge (Brought to you by Bocktown) also had Pitt involved in their picks in one form or another, so most of us are kind of in the same boat as far as that goes.

We’re still a week away from the point where we start earning SAUCNFFC points for our picks, but as per our custom, let’s take a look and get a sense of how everyone’s doing. And clearly, some of us are doing better than the others.

In great shape (all picks still playing):

  • Mrs. Crappy
  • Andy
  • Doogle
  • Curl Girl Michelle
  • Yay Toast
  • Tim
  • Kewyson
  • Woody’s World

In slightly-less-but-still-great shape (lost one team but still has title game and champ playing):

  • Jaci
  • KimLy
  • Carla
  • Senor Jaime
  • Fred
  • The Jim
  • Ethel
  • My Mom
  • Calipanthergrl
  • Kim Z.
  • Enophiledude
  • Bitchdesk
  • Bloody but unbowed (lost two teams but still has title game and champ)
  • Large
  • Gina

Bloody, slightly bowed (lost one of their title game participants, still has champ playing):

  • Kelly
  • CrappyDad
  • Shadow
  • Mr. Burns

Reeling (lost two, one of which is a championship game participant):

  • Uncle Crappy
  • Adrienne
  • AAA
  • Grandpa
  • HP
  • Kim
  • Burgh Baby

Standing eight count (lost three, still has champion):

  • Casey

And that leaves us with the, uh, Special Group. These unfortunate folks have had varying degrees of success, but will be limited because they’ve lost their championship pick. I’m not saying they can’t win, but I am saying they pretty much can’t win.

  • Sarah: Lost two plus her champion. Will you come and drink in Pittsburgh anyway?
  • Susan: Lost two plus her champion. Picking Penn State wouldn’t have done her much good either.
  • Matlock: Lost three plus his entire championship game. Boldly picked an all-Mon Valley final; I hope he’ll jump on the Ohio State bandwagon from this point forward.

And then there’s Juan, undoubtedly the most special of the special group. The penny I used to make Juan’s picks looks like a genius for tabbing Virginia Commonwealth to do well; the rest of its picks, though — Northern Colorado, St. John’s and Xavier — all flamed out early.

Did I miss you? Did I screw something up? Lemme know and we’ll get it fixed right away.


  1. Also, if you would be kind enough to remind me never to pick Pitt again either.

    I have a major philosophical problem with them and I pick. them. anyway.


  2. I think the NCAA should protect us (and Pitt) from Pitt by…Never. Inviting. Them. Again. Ever.


  3. And one more thing…

    Dumbest Foul Ever: Committing said infraction with less than 1 sec on the clock and 90 feet from the basket in a tie game.

    Best Statement of the Obvious: Said player after the game admitting “I wasn’t thinking.”


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