The headline refers mostly to my prospects in the Sixth Annual Uncle Crappy NCAA Final Four Challenge (Brought to you by Bocktown); last night’s loss to Kentucky by my Buckeyes — along with the loss by San Diego State on Thursday — means the only way I’m going to be enjoying a Bocktown gift card anytime soon is if I go buy one my own damn self.

I am not alone in my bracket-related frustration, though. An informal count this morning reveals that something like 20 of us have lost our pick for the championship. Carnage, doom, disaster, etc.

But as is typically the case when this kind of thing happens, the wreckage can open some doors for people who might have thought they were out of the running before. Kansas picks are looking particularly good right now, and I think we have a handful of people who still have their championship games intact.

We start awarding points with today’s games, as team reach the Final Four; I’ll try to do a post outlining our progress tonight and I’ll definitely have one ready after the Sunday games.

Good luck, y’all. If the tournament thus far has demonstrated anything, it’s that you’re going to need it.