Let’s take a moment and consider what would have happened at the end of the Sixth Annual Uncle Crappy NCAA Final Four Challenge (Brought to you by Bocktown) if I had followed through with my original intention for the tiebreaker numbers.

I initially thought we’d use The Price Is Right rule: Closest without going over. I actually had typed that when I wrote out this year’s original AUCNFFC post — and for some reason, reconsidered.

And after seeing the 53-41 final score in last night’s game, I realized how completely screwed I would have been with The Price Is Right rule in effect.

As it turned out, Tim not only picked the correct champion — one of just two to do so — but he also envisioned a fairly conservative title game; his predicted final score was 57-53. Enophiledude, who claims he knows nothing about college basketball, also picked UConn as the champ, but he went with a more reasonable final score prediction: 85-79.

Those of us who watched the game without any rooting interests probably would have better appreciated Enophiledude’s score, but this was the year for ugly basketball, and that’s what Tim had predicted.

Tim? The Bocktown gift card is yours, and I’m told it’ll be ready for you at the bar within a day or two. Congratulations.

Thanks to Tim, Enophiledude and everyone else who entered this year’s AUCNFFC; you guys once again made this a fun way to watch what turned out to be a supremely frustrating tournament.

And special thanks goes to Chris at Bocktown, whose prize donation seemed to bring a lot of eager contestants here again this year. I’d tell you how wonderful the food, beer and service is at Bocktown but most of you know that already. Thanks, Chris.

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