I used to be good at this.


  1. We all have ebbs and flows. Don’t sweat it. Another show will come along, or summer, or the Moonie wedding in your backyard, and you will be re-inspired.


  2. UC – I was home the past couple of days with a small illness that completely disables an adult (google nasal tampon and you’ll see what I’ve enjoyed) –

    Anyway – I was watching The Weather Channel – something I quite frankly haven’t do much at all since online resources are just as good – so my question to you is –

    When did The Weather Channel become the new MTV? Why is Al Rofuck on there? and when did the hot blond lady who wore lots of gold necklaces leave?

    I need to find the rerun channel.


  3. UC, channel your inner narcissism. We are all living vicariously through you. We don’t care what you give us, just keep giving it.


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