See that dent on the ring finger of my left hand?

That’s where my wedding ring is supposed to be.

As we were getting in bed Tuesday night, I had a start — the ring was gone, and I had no idea when I had seen it last.

I looked some that night, even though it was close to midnight and I really needed some sleep. I looked more on Wednesday — around my desk at work, in my car, and again in the house — and found nothing.

Mrs. Crappy is even bringing home a borrowed metal detector — one of those ones the weathered old guys in aloha shirts use on beach — and I’m going to comb the yard over the weekend. I cut the grass on Tuesday evening, and I supposed it could have fallen off out there someplace.

I feel lost without it. I moved my engagement ring — the one Mrs. Crappy bought for me in Athens the day after I proposed on College Green — but that’s not the same.

I’m not sure I’m going to find it anywhere. I could always replace it, but this is one of the few Things I own that isn’t really replaceable. I can have another ring on that finger, but it won’t be the one that Mrs. Crappy put there on Sept. 25, 1999.


  1. Uncle C,

    I hope you find your ring. I lost mine once and about a week later discovered that my cat had taken it across the house and dropped it between the bathroom sink and the wall. I found it by accident when something else rolled down there and I used a broom handle to knock it out.

    Next thing I hear is ting ting ting of my ring flying across the floor too.

    Good Luck!


  2. Aw, I hope you find it. Mr. Nicol lost his wedding band in a snow bank in the middle of our first winter in Cleveland. He had a search party of 6 looking for it but it was long gone. The 2nd ring I bought him fit much better and kept him just as married to me. I even put it on his finger ceremoniously in front of a witness to make it legit.


  3. I’m late to this, but I hope you’ve found it… I shared the story with my mom. We were both hoping you’d find it… If you don’t, the mom/Nana says to get a newer one, and some day you’ll find it. Sometimes it gets buried where you don’t imagine it can be. (Seriously, my mom and I discussed this, you’ve met her, and she looooves you and Kel. You were the first “online friends” that she came to know and met in real life. She loves to hear about you guys!)

    If you need digging and replacing the digging done in your yard, you should ask me… I just spent a week doing so in Fla.. :-)


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