This started back in December, when my friends Jacob and Dr. Yohe showed up in my Twitter stream right next to each other:

I had one question, and I posed it on Twitter: “Can we figure out a way that @thejqs and @cjyohe can meet each other? So I’ll know they’re not the same guy?”

Jacob and Chris both seemed a little skeptical at the time, but they’re both open-minded guys, and a couple weeks ago they agreed to meet me at the Penn Brewery on a Friday night — mostly, I think, so I would stop bugging them about it.

A bonus: in the time that elapsed, I discovered that my friends Dave and Alyson lived just a block over from our house in Brighton Heights; Dave fits the Jacob/Yohe profile as well, and he and Alyson agreed to join us.

We had a great night. And I accomplished the one thing I really wanted to out of the evening:

Ladies and gentlemen, may I please present: @DConMan, @cjyohe and @thejqs. Thanks for humoring me, yinz guys.

And no, the universe didn’t explode.

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