Since we moved to Pittsburgh in 2008, I’ve looked up at this hill and thought: “I could ski that.”

It’s easy to see from I-279, especially as you head south towards the city. And you probably already know that there’s a Target and a Sam’s Club up there.

These thoughts have plagued me even before February 2010, when a record snowfall buried everything in the region — including this hill. I actually didn’t get to ski much that month — just getting around town was a chore for a while, much less getting up to Seven Springs — but someone did. When we finally made our way out to Target for the first time after the storm, I noticed ski and snowboard tracks snaking down the hill.

Jealous. Like. Whoa.

A couple days ago, I looked up there again. I really want to do it. I’m going to do it, if we get enough snow this winter.

Today, I saw this — Accuweather’s winter forecast:

All I’m saying is, if you happen to see tracks up there sometime in January or February, it totally wasn’t me. Ahem.


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